Crysis has been a serious glove slap for the graphics companies, as they watch their top of the line graphics cards struggle desperately to provide reasonable framerates with high resolution and details.  The 4870 X2 release yesterday offered a nice response, a card with enough power to get Crysis looking as it should, especially in Crossfire configurations.  Madshrimps was curious about the wide variance in the Crysis benchmarks that were published, so they decided to get to the bottom of it.  Read on to see what the culprit was.

“We did some data mining through the massive amount of test data that was put online yesterday; it seems the HD4870X2 works really wonderful with Crysis when AA is enabled, if you are running under Vista. The increased level of detail with 4xAA doesn’t really reduce performance all that much. While the GTX 280 takes a serious performance hit. Secondly is the fact that the HD4870X2 holds up better going from Windows XP to Windows Vista, and runs the game faster than the GTX 280 when “Very High” detail is used. While under XP with “High” the both are basically tied.”

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