Drop by The Inquirer for an overview of the plans that AMD and Intel have for making their platforms the best for virtual computing.  First up is memory management, with the way virtual I/O traffic and devices are handled, then it will be on to getting the heavy lifting of virtualization from software to hardware.  Servers may never be totally real again.

“AS VIRTUALISATION continues to find uses for itself on top of being a server consolidation tool, AMD and Intel are both racing to cash in on the hype and bring the technology to a processor and chip-set level.

According to EWeek, Intel and AMD spent much of their time at Vmworld waffling on about how to adapt their hardware to keep up with the workloads of virtual environments.

First up on both companies’ ‘To-Do’ lists; I/O virtualisation and making more intelligent use of memory allocations in both virtual and physical environments.”

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