Hmm, well this is interesting.  Arstechnica is reporting that MacSoda is reporting that Expreview is reporting that we might see the NVIDIA MCP7A chipset in the new MacBooks coming next month.  

Another site thinks NVIDIA will be in new MacBooks - Mobile 2

Really?  This is an interesting idea, one I explored quite thoroughly at the end of July.  

Previous rumors about the expected upcoming MacBook redesign indicated that Apple may not use Intel chipsets as it has in all previous MacBook models. The speculation indicated that Apple may have PA Semi develop a custom chipset, or even use something from AMD. Our own Jon Stokes, however, felt that using NVIDIA chipsets might be a better fit. According to a rumor posted by Mac Soda, that may just be the case.

No sources for the information are given, but Mac Soda claims to have “heard” that the new MacBooks will be using the NVIDIA MCP7A-U. Even though the chipset uses integrated graphics, it does support HD video and HDMI output. According information compiled by Expreview, the chipset is supposed to feature the fastest mobile GPU on the market. The chipset works with front-side bus speed up to 1333MHz, works with DDR2 and DDR3 dual channel RAM, and supports PCI Express, SATA, USB, and Gigabit Ethernet. There isn’t, however, integrated support for wireless connections like the Centrino 2 platform from Intel. The feature likely most compelling to Apple, though, is its purported low power requirements.

Although there’s no way to verify the credibility of this latest rumor, there are at least a couple reasons that make it probable. Though Intel’s latest integrated graphics are much improved over previous generations, NVIDIA certainly has more experience in making graphics chips. Also, a lower-power part would allow for a thinner case and increased battery life.