I saw over at Fudzilla that ASUS has a new graphics card on their site today under the “Dark Knight” moniker.  While I am not sure if the lawyers at DC Comics know about it yet, the card itself looks pretty cool and is based on the GeForce 9800 GTX+ 55nm G92 GPU.  


The clocks on the card will run at 738 MHz core, 1836 MHz shader and 2200 MHz memory speeds – all of which are bone stock quite suprisingly.  But hey, you do get a cool custom cooler design and a leather mousepad!  Head over to ASUS.com for the rest of the data.
Asus has placed a new card on its product pages that will use a rather interesting “Dark Knight” cooler. The new EN9800GTX+ DK/HTDI/512M will have a dual slot cooler with four heatpipes, a large heatsink and a center placed fan. The new cooler might appear to look like a Batman sign but we just don’t see a point and the “Dark Knight” just sounds weird. 

The new Asus 9800GTX+ card uses non-reference blue PCB and works at 738MHz for the core, 1,836MHz for Shaders and 2,200MHz for 512MB of GDDR3 memory. As you can see from those numbers, despite the Dark Knight cooler and a non-reference PCB, the card is still working at reference clocks. 

Asus will bundle this card with a leather mouse pad and as always Asus wasn’t kind enough to announce a cards release date and price.