Computer mice are getting population density that would make one think there was silo full of grain in every PC store.  It seems that every company even slightly related to PCs have to release a mouse, keyboard or high quality mat.  The newest is NZXT with their NZXT Avatar Crafted Series Gaming Mouse.  The stats certain match up with other gaming mice, 6469 FPS, 650-2600 DPI, 5.8 Megapixels/second and up to 1000 USB reports/second, as well as claiming to be ambidextrous.  Check out the review at Overclockers Club; it will give you something to do until Razer releases a graphics card.

“Your first time doing something is never easy and you never know exactly if you’re doing it right or not. So is the Avatar a hit? NZXT definitely got most of it right, not a perfect shot, but nobody can truly achieve that. When it came to speed, not only was it the fastest, but it also allowed for a great level of customizability including four different speed settings, in 600 DPI increments. The Teflon feet might not seem like a big deal, but, surprisingly, it does make a noticeable difference. There is so little friction that it seems like the mouse is hovering over the surface and that gave it a boost on both the precision and comfort scale.”

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