Benchmarks: Bioshock and Crysis
Bioshock (DirectX 10)

An impressive FPS-based game with a great story, Bioshock impresses with both graphics and its ability to drag you along in the gameplay.  It has both DX9 and DX10 render paths and should make a great benchmark for graphics cards promising the best of both worlds. 

Dell XPS M1730 Notebook Review - Intel Core 2 Duo X9000 Powered - Mobile 30

Although a beautiful game in its own right, BioShock fails to make the flagship Dell system break a sweat. Here, we have a single GPU averaging 40fps at native resolution and dual GPUs reaching 75fps.

Crysis (DirectX 10)

Without a doubt the most breath-taking game I have seen yet, Crysis is from the developers of Far Cry, yet another title that was ahead of its time.  This game will bring any system to its knees, but look good doing it.

Dell XPS M1730 Notebook Review - Intel Core 2 Duo X9000 Powered - Mobile 31

As everyone is aware, Crysis still has the ability to bring even the most extreme desktop systems to their knees. Therefore, many would expect a notebook to play the game like a slideshow. Although this assumption would be correct for most notebooks, the Dell XPS M1730 is anything but your typical mobile system. Here, we were pleasantly surprised to see nearly 30fps at “Very High” settings and a resolution of 1280×1024. If the quality level is slightly lowered to “High”, users can get 32fps at a resolution of 1600×1200.

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