The Thermaltake Vi-on will attract a lot of fans thanks to it’s ability to transfer via USB and e-SATA, especially when you see the benchmarked speeds.  It can handle any drive up to 1TB, and has an exhaust fan to keep your drive cool.  Overclockers Club has the full rundown on this handy place to keep your backed up data.

“One drawback to the design is the exhaust fan positioned on the bottom of the unit really cuts the airflow down for no good reason. I would like to see future attempts with a smarter placement of the exhaust fan. Now let’s get into the numbers. The Thermaltake Vi-on beat a lot of the other scores by quite a bit and fell behind on a couple but still did very well in the long run. If the decision comes down to looks and performance when it comes time to spend your hard earned dollars, usually performance is the winner; consider this, the Thermaltake VI-ON has both looks and performance. I would recommend the Thermaltake Vi-on for anyone in need of a quality hard drive enclosure. Able to use hard drives up to one terabyte in size, it matches up well with some of the actual external hard drives in storage capacity.”

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