The Tech Report investigates whether you can spend less than $100 on a graphics card and still be able to play your favourite games.  The short answer is that if your monitor is stuck at 1280×1024, then go right ahead and buy one of the many lower end video cards you can pick up from AMD and nVIDIA.  If you can go to 1920×1200 and want to see at least a few effects, or play some of the more intensive titles, up the budget to the $150 and you won’t be disappointed.  You won’t be playing at maximum settings, but you will be playing something a little more fun than an interactive slide show.

“So just how much money should you spend on a graphics card? The latest models for under 100 bucks might surprise you with their potency, both in games and HD video playback. We’ve lined up eight cards, ranging from $60 to $170, to see where the values are. Cheapskates everywhere, take note!”

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