Phoronix has done an incredibly comprehensive review of the Asus M3A78-T, a 790GX based motherboard.  Everything from overclockability to Crossfire performance is covered in their 28 page review.  If you are looking at building a Phenom based system that won’t cost too much and gives you a good experience out of the box, this review is for you.  Even more attractive is how this platform can be improved to give performance that is better than you might expect.

“The IGP performance, overclockability and Hybrid CrossFireX pleasantly surprised me – a lot of the older games would run fine on the board at stock, better with the on-board GPU overclocked, and quite well with a $50 HD 3450 added for Hybrid CrossFire at 1024×768, and even at 1280×1024. That is not bad at all.”

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