If you are setting up a killer gaming rig, with multiple graphics cards and a gig or more of video memory then you won’t be getting your moneys worth unless you play at very high resolutions.  If you stay with 1680×1050 you won’t be much better off than with a single card.  If you go big, like 2560 x 1600, then you will be using the graphics power to it’s utmost.  To be able to run those resolutions you will need a 30″ monitor, like the Samsung SyncMaster 305T that Phoronix just reviewed.  Sound interesting?

“If a 22″ or 24″ LCD monitor doesn’t provide enough screen real estate for you or you just want to go all out and find the best monitor without having a real budget, you’ll more than likely end up looking at the 30″ monitors that are available. There aren’t many but Apple has a 30″ Cinema Display and Dell also have a very popular 30″ monitor, but there are also some from other manufacturers. In fact, today we are looking at the Samsung SyncMaster 305T, which is a 30″ monitor with a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 and has a price tag of over $1200 USD.”

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