Google’s release of the Chrome browser has sparked a huge amount of prognostication from the tech community, much like Android when it was first announced.  Tie that in with their win in the broadcast spectrum wars, ensuring that they, and other ISPs, have access to the C-block portion of the spectrum.  Things are happening for Larry and Sergei, there is no doubt about that, but what the plan looks like in it’s entirety is.  The Tech Lounge has one plausible theory you can read about.

“Google wants to change the world. Knowing what they know and not doing anything with it is anathema. Being able to see what people want, how they think, all this is part of their intention to build something different. That isn’t a bad thing, they’re not out for control in a cravenly sense, and they aren’t positioning themselves as a kind of benevolent dictatorship. And Chrome, in its simplicity, telegraphs their plan. Firefox replacement? Hardly. Microsoft replacement? Nothing like that. What Google is working on is an Internet replacement. Or rather, an alternative.”

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