Slightly smaller than a stack of 3 DVDs, the Seagate FreeAgent Go 120GB Portable Hard Drive will hold a lot more of your data while you are travelling.  It connects via USB, which also supplies it’s power, so this drive really won’t add much weight or bulk to your laptop bag.  Perhaps Think Computers’ favourite feature of this drive is the Creedo software package, which will allow you to run programs on this drive as if they were installed on the host PC; the host PC needs no software to make this work, so you really can have all the programs you are used to using saved on the drive.

“External storage is very important, especially to notebook users who only have a limited amount of space available. If you are a notebook user you don’t want to be carrying around a huge external hard drive plus its power adapter etc. That is why many companies have small external hard drives that are easy to carry around with you. Today we will be looking at the 120GB FreeAgent Go from Seagate.”

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