As it turns out, Intel’s newly developed SSD speed superiority complex was based on solid facts; they’ve pulled off a C2D like coup in the storage market with their new X25-M 80GB SSD.  Looking at Ryan’s testing, you can see that this drive pulls off a win in almost every test except the sustained write tests, which have always been the Achillies heel of SSD drives.  With the 0.1ms random access time, that problem is forgivable, and as the main storage of a web server it would be in a class all it’s own.  Too bad that at ~$600 it costs about $7.50 per gigabyte.

“Intel boasted quite a bit about the performance of its entry into the solid state drive market and as it turns out all the hype was justified – the Intel X25-M 80GB SSD is screaming fast and blows away all of previous best storage options! The benefits of solid state drives, including incredibly low random access times and consistent random and sequential read speeds, are all apparent with Intel’s drives but in many areas the performance of the X25-M was well above even our previously tested SSDs. Anything that involved reads from the drive, such as burst rates and sustained read tests, saw a big performance advantage for Intel.”

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