Are you sad to see that the next process size shrink is so far away?  Don’t despair, many researchers are simply following a different path.  Systems on a chip have been around for a short while now and have gone through a few revisions, each more powerful than the next.  Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) are the next big thing and may successfully lead to 3D processors.  Learn more about how they are trying to connect these stacks of silicon at DigiTimes.

“While Moore’s Law continues to march onward, its pace has slowed. Currently, the semiconductor industry is migrating to 32nm, but the migration to 16nm is not expected to arrive until 2019, meaning that it will take 11-years for the semiconductor industry to advance only two process nodes.

However, industry players are increasingly looking beyond Moore’s Law to see how productivity gains can be made without scaling, and currently players in the packaging segment believe that they can help drive the next generation of growth in the industry.

Ho-Ming Tong, chief technical officer at packaging industry leader Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) recently commented that the packaging industry is actually outpacing growth of the rest of the industry. In contrast to front-end players, the speed in which packaging and testing companies have introduced new solutions is now 4-5x faster than it was 5-10 years ago, Tong pointed out. Packaging and testing advancement is picking up while the rest of the industry is slowing down.”

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