While you can easily find the FSP Everest 800W PSU for sale, the 700W version that [H]ard|OCP just finished reviewing is a little harder to find.  Four 18A 12V rails and a pair of 6 pin PCI-e connectors allow you to run SLI/Crossfire in theory, though possibly not in practice.  FSP has had problems passing [H]ard|OCP’s PSU torture suite in the past, this model was an exception as it passed everything [H] threw at it.  You should probably read through the review carefully before buying one; there are still a few kinks that FSP needs to work on.

“FSP is back at HardOCP’s PSU testing facility this time with a much more mainstream 700 watt computer power supply. Will this one have you dropping your Antec’s, BFG’s, Corsair’s, OCZ’s, and TT’s? We put the screws to it in what many consider the best PSU testing program on the Web.”

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