The 48xx series from AMD gives you some serious performance for not too much money;  but it is also turning a lot of PCs into EZ-Bake ovens.  Idling at 80C is uncomfortable for many enthusiasts to begin with, having that 80C bring the temperature up in their case and other components is even worse.  [H]ard|OCP comes to the rescue with a simple tweak that will let you take manual control of the fan in that series of cards so that you can exhaust more of that heat out the back of your case and bring the temps under control.

“Many of our new Radeon HD 4800 series card owners are not happy with their GPU temperatures. Seeing it from a computer hardware enthusiast view, it is hard not to think the same. Whether or not idle GPU temperatures of 80°C are dangerous, us enthusiasts want that heat out of our cases. We show you how to easily do that.”

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