X-bit Labs takes a look at the P4 Express offerings from MSI, paying particular attention to the P45 Platinum.  The MSI P45 Neo, the Neo3, the Diamond and the MSI P45-8D Memory Lover.  The Memory Lover is also a rather interesting board, it has 8 DIMM slots; 4 are DDR2 and 4 are DDR3.  You can only use one type of memory at a time, but it certainly offers you a lot of flexibility when you are choosing your memory.  Take a look.

“Today we are going to introduce to you a family of mainboards on Intel P45 Express chipset from MSI Company. WE will particularly dwell on one of the most vivid representatives of this lineup – MSI P45 Platinum that boasts excellent PCB layout and a number of truly unique and useful features.”

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