The latest PSU to come across Lee’s desk is the 450W fan-less SilverStone Nightjar.  With a pair of PCI-e power connectors, you can build yourself a silent PC with a higher end graphics card, assuming that everything is passively cooled and you picked up an SSD for your storage.  You do need to keep the ambient temps fairly low for this to work however, and find a 240V plug to get this PSU up to it’s full 450W.  Read the full review at the top of the page.

“”The SilverStone Nightjar ST45NF fan-less power supply is a unique product designed for a niche market. Under the right conditions it can deliver up to 450W of clean, well-regulated DC power with support for a high end video card. However, for this unit to operate successfully (especially at higher loads) you must pay close attention to the type of case you use, the amount of case airflow, and meeting the 25°C ambient air requirements.”

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