Lee has been busy putting the Zalman CNPS9300 AT through the paces.  The cooler continues in Zalman’s preferred style, with bright copper fins in a circular design.  The cooler it’s self performs well, and Lee has no problems recommending it as a cooler; for those looking for performance and quiet simultaneously, you may wish to look elsewhere.  If you haven’t read the full review yet, get busy!

“The CNPS9300 AT CPU cooler features a copper base (with aluminum cap), two figure 8 shaped copper heat pipes and a large, circular array of thin copper fins. Although there are physically just two heat pipes, the near figure 8 configuration results in four evaporator sections (where the ends of each heat pipe contact the base and absorb heat from the CPU) and two condenser sections (where heat is dissipated into the central copper fins).”

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