Even before Western Digital managed to recover the data from a dead hard drive, Ryan passed out the Editor’s Choice Award for their VelociRaptor 300GB SATA drive.  The form factor is a little odd, a 2.5″ HDA with a 15mm height drive in a 3.5″ heatsink, perhaps the extra cooling is why the warranty has been extended to 5 years.  One of the highlights of the full article is watching a pair of these VelociRaptors in RAID 0 take on OCZ’s SSDs, and win.

“After having played with the final, retail versions of the VelociRaptor hard drive, I have no less excitement about the drives than I did before. While the raw performance of the hard drives might have been muted slightly with the release of the Intel X25-M solid state drive, there are many issues that keep that from getting the typical enthusiast users attention including capacity and cost. Western Digital’s 300GB VelociRaptor remains the best storage solution for users looking for top performance and reasonable capacity.”

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