Somewhere in the world is a gamer who want their mouse to do degrading things to them, and OCZ is willing to cater to that market with the OCZ Dominatrix gaming mouse. While the name implies that this mouse will do horrible things to you and make you beg for more suffering, it seems that this isn’t the case.  The bundled software allows a lot of freedom to customize the way the mouse behaves and programmable macro buttons will make it popular with the MMORPG crowd.  Drop by Tweaktown for a look at this rubber clad seductress, and ponder the exact purpose of the weights that come with the Dominatrix.

“Today we have the new OCZ Dominatrix on the slab, ready for a bit of rough and tumble. Many of our loyal readers will have an un-nerving sense of déjà vu as this mouse looks pretty much identical to the Cybersnipa I reviewed not too long ago. Well, in truth they appear to be the same mouse chassis with a few tweaks to the aesthetics.

Now we will find out just how different they are in the details. The OCZ edition has opted for the blue rubberised grip which is a solid choice as I like the rubber on this grip; it’s a soft and silky silicon feel but it doesn’t leave your hand sweating and struggling for grip.”

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