If you have a hard time deciding which drive you want to save your data on, or maybe you like to have a half dozen or so HDDs with different types of files on them, you might really need a four disk hot swappable SATA rack.  You could also use it to start up an incredibly intricate back up regimen.  PC Stats thought it would be perfect for a dual RAID-1 configuration, read through the review and think what you might do with the IcyDock MB454SPF-B.

“Hot-swap bays are such a convenient way to mount hard drives into a PC system, particularly the new “rails-only” variety, that I can’t see ever going back to the old method. In today’s review, PCSTATS is looking at Icydock’s MB454SPF-B multi-bay hot swap module. It’s an aluminum box the size of three stacked 5.25″ optical drives which contains up to four 3.5″ SATA hard drives. Each drive slides in with rails-only, and is individually hot swappable.”

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