The new affordable gaming mouse from RAZER has been saddled with a rather unfortunate name, the Salmosa, which sounds like a popular South Asian snack which for some strange reason was filled with funny smelling ground salmon instead of potato, and which might send you to the hospital if you eat it.   That aside, if you are looking for a high quality mouse without a dozen extra buttons and a big price tag, check out Bjorn3D’s review.

“Ever been in that late night gaming session and find that mysterious red glow coming from your mouse had annoying? Tired of trying to pick from 13 programmable buttons to reload your weapon? Do you just need a Basic two button with scroll wheel mouse that gives you accuracy without all the bells and whistles to many overpriced Mice offer?

Our friends over at Razer were nice enough to send us a Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse for evaluation. They bill it as a Basic Gaming Mouse falling in the mid range DPI category. As always we were excited to get a new mouse at Bjorn3D because sometimes it’s not the big expensive items that improve your computing experience. Maybe you just need a good high quality basic Gaming Mouse like the Salmosa or the worlds best Stocking Stuffer for the Holidays. (It’s gotta beat that book of Lifesavers we all get) If you ask us keep all the junk in that Stocking and just nail one of these puppies to the wall by the Stocking.”

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