As you might expect, the Western Digital VelociRapter 300 GB HDD is focused on speed, though you might not expect it to out pace the 150GB model.  That is exactly what happened in Techware Lab’s testing however, with this being pretty much the fastest platter drive you can get your hands on.  Sure, it will set you back at it’s current pricing of a dollar per gigabyte, but look at these benchmarks and say you aren’t thinking about it a little.

“Most of us try take advantage of a fast CPU or a ton of RAM, but we seldom remember what sits at the base of our system, remembering all of our operating system data – the hard drive. Today Jason Dumbaugh looks at one of the best performing drives on the market – the VelociRapter by Western Digital. With a 10,000 rpm spindle speed crammed into a 2.5 inch drive we are looking at blazing fast seek times with no compromise in storage space. Could this be the ultimate gaming drive of choice? The only question we are left with is whether or not this hard drive can survive Jason.”

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