Many of the higher end enclosures for HTPCs come with bucket loads of extras and a price tag around the $500 range, which is great if the aesthetics are your top priority.  For those who want to spend most of the money on the parts that actually do the work, the choices are limited.  A normal PC case will stick out like a sore thumb and modding can be a very daunting proposal for those without the required tools, or the practice.  There is hope in the form of the Thermaltake DH-101, which will run you less than $300.  Techware Labs tested it out and the quality was top notch; it won their Editors Choice Award after all.

“Today Nitro takes a look at the Thermaltake DH-101 Home Theatre PC Case. Home theatres are more and more prevalent now-a-days and Thermaltake wants to make your HTPC look good. With smooth edges, a brushed aluminum front and a black piano finish, the Thermaltake DH-101 is bound to be an eye-catcher. Now the question remains, is it practical?”

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