Head to The Guru of 3D for a close look at the performance of Intel’s new Atom processor.   They have a little ECS motherboard with a Atom 330 Dual Core, running 1.6 GHz, with 2x512KB (1MB) of L2 cache and only drawing 8W of power.  It may not have the power to run new games, but there is a lot that it can do; see it for yourself.

“This little ECS mainboard comes with the new Intel Dual Core Atom 330 processor. It has integrated sound, 10/100 Ethernet and integrated graphics. Really all you need to do is insert a slice of DDR2 533 memory and connect a HD, and you are on the web … browsing at fairly normal speeds, listening to songs, or watching a DVD … heck it all works fine on that Intel Atom 330 for sure.

Next to that, the power consumption is obviously amazing. The Atom 330 dual-core processor .. uses 8 Watt, amazing.”

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