Thermaltake’s Soprano Aluminum Keyboard offers a feature that wasn’t really touched on in Think Computers review, as it is made of aluminium it should be sturdy enough to physically discourage spawn campers at LAN parties.  That certainly isn’t it’s only feature, it has sturdy keys that will hold up to punishment.  It’s shortcut keys are tiny; neither taking up huge amounts of room nor sitting in a place where you will accidentally hit them.  Perhaps you could even weld the Windows key open and never have it ruin a gaming experience again.

“Most people know Thermaltake by their cases, but did you know that they make keyboards too? I didn’t know they did until I got a chance to look at the Thermaltake Soprano Aluminum Keyboard. A brushed and polished aluminum base keeps your hands cool during extended periods of use. A zero-degree tilt and scissor switch keystroke technology also keeps your hands cramp free for those long days of typing. Read on further to see how good this keyboard really is.”

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