Unlike the ASUS Trinity, you will be able to buy the BFG MAXCORE cards very soon.  The MSRPs are $300 for the OC model, the OC2 at $320 and the OCX model at $330 MSRP; the original GTX 260 can be had for almost $100 less.  In [H]ard|OCP’s testing, a pair of conclusions seemed clear; the first is that the new GTX260 outclasses the HD4870.  Secondly, while it does beat the old GTX260, the price is going to have to come down because it doesn’t beat it by that much.

“Today, BFGTech is launching its new and improved GeForce GTX 260 GPU based video cards. The new GeForce GTX 260 GPU benefits from a die shrink and 24 more stream processors, but maintains the same clocks. BFGTech has ramped up the clock speeds in OCX fashion. We evaluate and compare to the original GTX 260 GPU and a Radeon HD 4870.”

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