Yes, the Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty  and ALchemy worked perfectly when PureOverclock recently tried them.  No longer can you malign Vista for not supporting the most popular addon cards for audio.  This card will get you a few more FPS in a game than an onboard chip and it will give you something to do with that empty PCI-e 1x slot.  Testing audio devices really does boil down to the ears that are listening, but PureOverclock did a great job attacking it in every measureable way possible.

“Creative’s X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty sound card is the audio company’s latest release, and this time it’s an attempt to provide a quality product with a PCI-e interface in a market that is woefully underdeveloped. Creative is banking on gamers’ thirst for an immersive experience, but can Creative shake its Windows Vista driver woes and reclaim its former glory? Follow along with us while we run through the maze of audio testing and see how this card performs in Windows Vista.”

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