If you haven’t checked out the reviews of the HD4670 yet, you probably don’t realize just how great a value this card is.  For under $100 you can actually play Crysis @ 1024×768 on high with 8xAF and stay well over 30fps.  As an HTPC card it is even more powerful, it supports all of AMD’s recent additions to their HD processing, so BluRay playback will be smooth and the card can stream 7.1 ACM audio out the HDMI connection for single cable HTPC output.  Read about the rest of this cards capabilities in Ryan’s full review.

“The Radeon HD 4670 looks even better when we take that long-debated question of multi-GPU tactics into account. We saw scaling that reached into the 80% and above range with our pair of HD 4670s – something that is possible only because the GPU is most definitely the bottleneck in our gaming tests. The upgrade potential 3-6 months down the road for a user buying one of these GPUs today is compelling – $90 (and probably lower than that in the future) is a much easier cost to swallow for a sweet increase in gaming performance.”

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