ExtremeTech was able to get their hands on a beta utility that represents the first incarnation of AMD’s Fusion.  It’s not the finally version of what is supposed to be a marriage of CPU and GPU, it is a software utility that helps make your gaming experience better.  One of it’s tricks is to hold profiles for overclocking, so you can use Overdrive and and AutoTune to automatically find your PC’s sweet spot and save the speeds.  It can also disable certain Windows services while you are gaming, so your system has more resources available.  See what it can do for your Spider platform by grabbing a copy of Fusion from the link the the review.

“AMD Fusion: The inevitable convergence of CPU and GPU. We’ve been reading and hearing about Fusion since AMD bought ATI a couple years ago. What we haven’t seen is something tangible, something we can dig our greedy little mitts into.

Until now.

What we have today isn’t a single-chip CPU/GPU. It’s not a system-on-a-chip. We have a beta utility. It’s designed for the AMD/ATI Spider platform, and requires a 7-series motherboard and the Windows Vista 32-bit operating system. It is the AMD Fusion Gaming Utility.”

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