How much power you will need to play FarCry 2 is a question asked by a lot of gamers, who have not received a good answer until now.  [H]ard|OCP has posted a quick look at the performance of nVIDIA and AMD’s top graphics cards to see what you can expect from your system.  The simple answer; if you can play Crysis you can play FarCry2 better.  More specifically at 2560×1600, with all settings at maximum and 16X AF and no anti-aliasing, the sub-$200 HD4850 can average 31fps.  Performance goes up from there, and there is no reason to force the poor HD4850 to play at such a huge resolution.

“The much anticipated FarCry 2 is being released today! We have some apples-to-apples performance testing that gives a preview of how current-gen video cards from NVIDIA and AMD stack up. Today’s video cards are capable of huge resolutions with dialed up quality settings.”

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