If you fire up GPU-Z and have only 560 shader processors as opposed to the 640 that are on the card then you have a card with a pre-production BIOS.  There is good news, it looks like only reviewers have ended up with these cards, they are not likely to have made it into the channel, though it is possible some slipped through.  As well, you can take hearst in the fact that this is a BIOS issue only.  The processors are there, they are just going unused and a simple BIOS flash can fix that.  AnandTech did some testing and you can see the difference in performance, shown in percentage improvement over here.

“All the details we have point to the missing SP problem being limited to review samples only. AMD’s partners should not have this issue pop up in the wild. This is good news for consumers, and good news for AMD as well. We saw that the 4830 wasn’t a bad part, but because our tests were run with 87.5% of the full compliment of SIMDs our numbers don’t reflect the full performance potential the hardware has.”

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