AVADirect is a custom system builder that uses a lot of the tricks you find in boutique systems, without the insane prices.  The system that Ryan tried has a C2Quad Q9450 pumped up to 3.40 GHz and 4GB OCZ Platinum EB Edition PC3-12800, giving you some serious power.  The 9800GTX+ is a little odd to include; it is still a solid card but will have great difficulties keeping up with the speed of the CPU and RAM.  At $2450 it is has rather impressive stats and you can always customize your build to beef up the graphics subsystem.

“On the other hand, none of the above mentioned system builders will let you select components with such detail as AVADirect does on their website. There are MANY different cases that you can choose from, all kinds of memory vendor brands as well as very specific CPU coolers. If you are an experienced enthusiast that is familiar with brands like Cooler Master, Thermaltake and others, then you have an advantage in being able to select from these groups for AVADirect to build your computer from.”

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