What are perceived as random problems are often easily diagnosable and repeatable errors, assuming you have the right tools and/or experience to identify them.  You can do it the hard way, and after years of seeing dying PSUs, faulty memory, conductive crud, spyware, adware and viruses you may be able to identify problems as they occur.  Instead you could take the easier and less traumatizing approach, and use a program like Process Explorer which will give you a way to identify the likely suspects interrupting your late night gaming sessions.  PE is a great tool, but there are certainly others at your disposal; unfortuntely, some problems are not so easily solved.   Somewhere else it is very easy to get lost is with HDTVs, not only the TVs themselves but getting the proper settings for the signal you are recieving.  These HTPC threads may really help you get going, there are plenty of useful tips and links. 

There is a new project being undertaken by Ryan, on top of his reviews, site redesign, podcasts, dog walking, etc …  he is also going to be a regular guest on Leo Laporte’s TWIT Network show.  You can tune in next Thursday at 3pm PST/5pm CST (…and so on…) and see both Ryan and Leo talking about the latest news.  Next Thursday will touch on Ryan’s Powerline networking, which regular listeners of our Podcast will know is a current project of his.