The Arctic Cooling Accelero Turbo Module will appeal to a certain type of enthusiast; those who want a rig that is impressive for what it can do, not how it looks.  If you drop by Tweaknews you can see why they describe it as not terribly attractive, a giant heatsink obscuring any view of your graphics card and a pair of fans that look like they’ve been attached with twist ties.  If you really do care about more about function, all you will see is a 20C+ temperature drop for $10 while reducing noise; assuming you have picked up the $20 Accelero that these Turbo fans attach to.

“Arctic Cooling’s Turbo Module fan kit may not be the most attractive product to come down the pike, but when combined with the excellent Accelero passive cooler, you’ll have a very nearly silent VGA cooler with excellent performance at a very affordable price.”

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