Does your home resemble an Italian kitchen?  Are there spaghetti-like wires travelling everywhere you use your computer?  Is the reason that you haven’t gone wireless based on a feeling of insecurity?  Fear not, a lot of what you may be worrying about may be unfounded, though not all.  The wireless connectivity may come in very handy if you find yourself needing to build a clandestine Folding@Home machine!

Dropping by the Windows forum, you will notice a bit of action this week, running from the strange to slightly more normal to ways to make PC migration easier.   The hardware fanatics are more interested in the new core i7 (yes, keep your eyes open this weekend) and the AM3.  Another hot topic is getting the heat out of your case, are top vents a good answer

Now get out there and score some free candy … or just hoard the supplies you claimed you were buying to give out.