AMD finally has a relatively public Developers Forum to call their very own, the Technical Forum and Exposition.  Though in it’s 4th year, this is likely the first you have heard of it, it has been a very quiet and exclusive event.  Seeing as how The Inquirer made it into the TFE this year, the standards for attendance have been significantly lowered.  The event differs from the IDF in it’s philosophy and purpose, read on to see what AMD thinks is the proper way to get developers together.

“WE HAVE LONG said that AMD needed an IDF-like event to spread the technical word and act as a mixer for ideas. Little did we know they had one, but it was hidden from the public gaze, until this year.

The event is called the AMD Technical Forum and Exposition (TFE), and is held every autumn in Taipei. The first three years were ‘top (ish) secret’, NDAs required, and in general discussed things that were not meant to be public, yet. This year, the requirements were relaxed quite a bit, so The INQUIERER went along for the show.”

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