The early beta of nVIDIA’s 180 series of drivers, which bear the name Big Bang II have arrived just in time for FarCry2.  The major improvements come in the form of changes to multi-monitor support, a topic dear to Ryan’s heart.  There are also claims of significant performance increases, and as Ryan is Steaming through the download of FarCry2, you should keep your eyes open for a sneak peek at performance.  You can also bet the game will make it into the benchmarking section of future graphics cards.

“Overall, I am impressed with the new features that NVIDIA has added but still find myself wanting in regards to multi-monitor support. As a person who is permanently attached to having more than one display, the need for more robust and friendly options is must. For me, as a user of three monitors, I still don’t find SLI to be a viable option as it requires a third graphics card outside the SLI window and is really a pain. If two monitors is your bag, you will likely find the ‘Big Bang II’ release to be the answer to your multiple monitor woes.”

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