If you haven’t seen pictures of the Antec Skeleton case, you must have been hiding under a rock since Computex, as it was one of the more often posted about new products.  Now you can own one of your very ownDrop by AnandTech for a very close look at this open concept case, and the almost installed Hybrid-SLI system that they tried to fit in.

“At Computex earlier this year, Antec showed us a prototype of the Skeleton. We recently received a sample of the final product. The whole chassis looks different now, which is good. Let’s first start with a quick discussion of the case functionality. Who would need or want something like this? Frankly, I don’t. I like small and sleek cases, preferably stored under my desk where I don’t see or hear the PC. However, this case may be great for people that frequently change motherboard jumpers, and add or reconfigure other items. Some might even like the appearance of the case, which is a highly subjective area; many of us think it looks rather ugly, but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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