If you have been looking at the teasers and trailers for the upcoming Dead Space release, Ars Technica may have some bad news for you.  Then again, if you are a fan of horror games then maybe it’s good news for the review indicates that Dead Space is a nice new take on both killing aliens in space and dealing with puzzles, scarce ammo and character modification.  Read through the review and take a look at the screenshots to get a glimpse at what struck such a powerful chord with the reviewer, and their pants.

“It’s hard to evoke emotions in a video game, be they sadness, humor, anger… or fear. For years, we’ve gone to the same places to get our gaming horror fix, but by now we basically know what to expect from Resident Evil and Silent Hill. That’s part of the reason why it has been easy to get excited about Dead Space, the new science-fiction horror game from EA. Yes, it’s a new IP. Yes, it’s from EA, And yes, it’s very, very good.

This is an odd thing to say, considering that the ground being covered here is hardly new. There is a mining vessel called the USG Ishimura, it’s in deep space, and it has gone dark. It’s a planet-cracker, able to take entire worlds apart and mine their component parts. A small team is sent to check in on the Ishimura, and guess what? Things go very bad very quickly. It turns out the crew of the ship was dealing with much more than minerals. Mix ancient artifacts with science and religion and you have… well, you have the “plot” for Doom. But I digress… “

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