Keylogging is bad … unless you are doing it to your own PC to find out exactly how your screen gets flipped and random icons are deleted from your desktop by a mysterious someone.  It is the perfect way to find out just who is doing what to your PC if it is in an area where a roommate, pet or child can get at.  Unfortunately, from what happened during R&B Mod’s testing, you might not be the only one with access to the keystroke record.  Be warned.

“Every now and then, the idea of knowing what your friend might type on his computer pops in mind. Keelog has provided us their newest product Keelogger Flash USB keylogger, which saves everything you type on your computer to tiny USB flash memory and allows you to read it whenever you want. The current product line includes PS/2 and USB keyloggers with 2MB, 512MB or 2GB of memory.”

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