AMD has finally gone with their long discussed ‘Asset Light’ program, now in new improved ‘Asset Smart’ flavour, in partnership with a Saudi Arabian company based in Abu Dahbi, called ATIC.  Ryan has already weighed in on this topic, and you can read the official press release from AMD as well.  If you are still starved for more information, or confused and trying to get as much information as you can before buying as much AMD stock as possible, or using it as napkins, try The Tech Report for more coverage.

“Faced with rising manufacturing costs and growing demand for contract semiconductor manufacturing, AMD has decided to spin off its fabrication business into a separate company. In doing so, AMD has teamed up with the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) of Abu Dhabi, which will take a 55.6% stake in the new manufacturing entity and contribute a few billion dollars over the coming years. AMD will take a 44.4% stake but get equal voting rights with ATIC.”

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