Having an external HDD enclosure can be very handy, especially if it can hot-swap drives.  It does add to the clutter of cables running around your PC, with data and power cables not looking particularly good even if the enclosure does.  ICY DOCK’s MB672SKGF-B is an internal HDD enclosure that supports hot-swapping and helps keep your area clean; all the cabling is inside the case.  As an added bonus you also get an LCD screen on the casing which can track the temperature of the drive.  Take a peek over at Bjorn3D.

“Now here’s the thing – I have a beautiful Antec Nine Hundred case with a single DVD drive installed in one of the 5.25′ external drive bays, so the other bays remain largely unused. I’ve considered putting in additional optical drives, but tell you the truth, I personally just don’t have any great need to do so. For looks alone I’ve been considering installing a fan controller or something fun with lights and gauges, but just never saw anything that I couldn’t live without. Fortunately for me, ICY DOCK came along with an intriguing new product and I was given the opportunity to check it out. Not only does the ICY DOCK MB672SKGF internal 3.5′ SAS/SATA HDD Enclosure look great, but it actually solves a problem I never realized I had. Now with one drive bay easily accessible in the front of my Nine Hundred case, I can easily swap out hard drives and forget about those external drives and the plethora of cables and power supplies that come with them. Let’s take a closer look at ICY DOCK and the new internal drive enclosure from this innovative company.”

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