Ryan’s review of the KFA2 Galaxy GTX 260+ shows off the work nVIDIA and it’s partners are doing with the current lineup of cards.  The first big change is the use of the new Big Bang 2 drivers from nVIDIA, the second is the card it’s self.  The clocks on this card are bumped up by more that 10% across the board; 656 MHz core, 1405 MHz shader and 1130 MHZ memory.  Support for 3 way SLI and a bevy of output choices just adds to the attraction of the card, and may cause you to skip getting a GTX 280.

“The new KFA2 Galaxy GTX 260+ is showing itself to be formidable contender in the mainstream performance graphics market. By using the new, upgraded GTX 260+ (aka GTX 270, etc) GPU the KFA2 brand is able to take that a bit further by pushing up the clock rates of the core, shaders and memory by about 13% producing a much faster than stock graphics card. In my testing the Galaxy card was able to beat out the highly overclocked EVGA GeForce GTX 260 FTW card and was ALMOST on par with the BFG GTX 280 1GB card in many cases.”

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