For a 15″ laptop to weigh 7.3 pounds and be 1.6 inches thick is to make a statement in today’s mobile world where every other model is emulating the heroin chic look you usually see sported by runway models.  The C2D 2.26GHz processor, 4GB of PC-5300 DDR2 RAM and a 320GB HDD, partnered with a 512Mb 9800M GS mean that this laptop offers more than just a sturdy exterior.  Digital Trends got 45 minutes of battery time going full out, and enabling all the power savings tricks and limiting themselves to surfing only add an hour to the total battery life.

“Asus’ G50Vt rolls an impressive array of hardware into a bulky-but-inexpensive package, with a heavy-handed dose of flair smeared on top. While the style might not be for everyone, and battery life makes its wall adapter an essential umbilical cord for use, it offers a very reasonably priced and playable system for those who want to game on the go without dropping thousands on pricy boutique systems.”

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