We are going to need a new way to rate low end graphics cards.  There are so many really good choices out there that best price for performance is rather difficult to decide.  Do you go for the high end HD4830 at about $150, or a low end HD4850 for a few dollars more, or do you want a heavily overclocked 9800GT, again about $150?  Do you get cheaper but buy two, or get the fastest single card you can?  Are you willing to pay $17.50 for an extra hundred GFLOPS, or only $7.38? 

Ryan can’t help you with all of those questions, but he can introduce you to the 9800GTs nightmare, the brand new HD4830.  It can out perform the 9800GT and costs less, plus as the added HD playback features you expect from a new AMD card.  Read all about it.

“The HD 4830 512MB is obviously a strong contender in this area and puts the GeForce 9800 GT on notice becoming the best card you can get for less than $130. In our gaming tests I saw the HD 4830 clearly outpace the GeForce 9800 GT in both Call of Duty 4 and Crysis, two games that are usually quite favorable to NVIDIA’s GPUs and drivers. Bioshock also performed well on the HD 4830 but the tests at 2048×1536 indicate to me that the cards are about equal in this title.”

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