If, like some owners of PC Perspective, you are a closet Mac fan; the relationship between and your Macbook has probably become a little tense.  You both know that there is something younger and better looking out there and that it is the Macbook who will have to pack up and leave.  The oh so shiny new aluminium MacBook brings most of the Macbook Pro’s features into a 13.3″ form, in fact it seems like size is now the only real difference between the two lines.  There is also vindication for Ryan’s prognostication about nVIDIA and Apple creating a new special sauce to put into Macbooks, likely giving him the excuse he will need if spotted waiting in line at an Apple store to pick up the new model. 

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“During a very formulaic “Stevenote” today, Apple unveiled its aluminum-clad MacBook and MacBook Pro. What does Apple’s newfound emphasis on graphics horsepower mean for owners of old MacBooks with Intel integrated graphics, and how will Apple’s other decisions impact consumers and professionals? TR guest blogger Matt Buttrovich has taken a break from ogling the new MacBooks to share his insight on these topics and more.”

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