Stuck staring at an orange spherical gourd without a clue as to where to stick the knife?  Drop by Wired for some inspirational works, ranging from extremely geeky and easy to much more l33t ‘kin carving.  In fact, you could completely dump the knife all together and go with power tools.  Much quicker to do and far more fun, if you can find one, is a CNC machine.

“ readers are nothing if not crafty. No medium or surface is safe from their geek icons, no matter how pulpy or gourd-like they may be. Every year we ask you to submit your best geek-o’-lanterns and just like the denizens of the netherworld, you did our bidding — oozing en mass from the dark corners of the web to deliver juicy photo flesh to our feet.

Feast your eyes on the offerings of your fellow readers and rejoice that their contributions have spared our considerable wrath.”

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