Legion Hardware set themselves a rather difficult task, building a gaming PC for $900 that can handle todays games at a full 1680×1050 resolution.  4GBs of RAM, an Intel Core2 Duo and an HD4850 later and they were playing Crysis Warhead on Gamer settings and seeing an average of 28fps.  A few tweaks or some reduction in quality to Mainstream and you can expect the game to play even more smoothly. 

“Given our reasonably limited budget of just $900 US for a gaming PC, we feel the end result is really very impressive. For example, games such as Sacred 2, Company of Heroes, and Unreal Tournament 3 played in all their glory without a problem at 1680×1050 (22” LCD widescreen resolution). While Crysis Warhead still ran quite well, it will work best with some minor tweaks.”

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